May 2023
Steve Rollett (Deputy Chief Executive, CST) looks at the latest collaboration between Renaissance Learning and the Education Policy Institute. Steve shares his reflection that the report – which provides an evidence-based analysis of how ...

Simon Garrill (Chief Executive, Education for the 21st Century) shares the journey the trust has been on over the past three years to identify barriers to effective professional development, and what strategies have been implemented to overcome ...

Peter Higgin, Artistic Director and joint CEO, Punchdrunk Enrichment, sets out the effectiveness of immersive learning in schools and how the use of theatre can be used as an educational tool to break down social barriers between children, boost ...

Apr 2023
Guy Shears (Chief Executive Officer, Central Region Schools Trust) shares an overview of the trust’s core mission, and how it’s distinctive culture is instilled throughout its schools through three ‘P’s: People, Purpose and ...

Apr 2023
Leora Cruddas CBE, Chief Executive of CST, sets out the pressures on schools and children and four strategic roles in relation to the school system CST believe should be the priorities of this government, now, and should also be the priorities of ...

Mar 2023
Andrew Tomlinson, Head of Content and Commissioning, BBC Teach, provides a summary of what BBC Teach can do to help to support teachers and children's wellbeing. Read the full blog on the CST Website.

A reflective review of Lynn Swaner and Andy Wolfe’s inspirational book, Flourishing Together from Leora Cruddas, Chief Executive of CST. Read the full article on the CST website.

Our Deputy Chief Executive, Steve Rollett, explains how we are spearheading work to show how trust leaders can further drive school improvement. This article first appeared in TES on 20 March 2023. Read the full article on the CST website.

Mar 2023
We are delighted to present to you our Annual Report for the 2021-2022.  Please click here to view:

Mar 2022
We are delighted to present to you our Annual Report for the 2020-2021.  Please click here to view: