Frequently Asked Questions

Who must complete the statutory induction period?

Everyone who qualified after May 1999 must complete an induction period to work in a state maintained school in England.

Is there a time limit to complete my induction?

ECTs are encouraged to start their induction as soon as possible after gaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  There is no set time limit for starting or completing an induction period.

I do not have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), can I still complete my induction?

Unfortunately not –  QTS is a legal requirement.  For full details regarding the award of QTS, please visit the DfE website Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

I am employed part-time. Can I still do my induction?

Yes.  You will be required to serve the equivalent of two academic years for a full-time teacher.  For example, an ECT on a 0.5 contract will complete their induction in four years.

I do not have a Teacher Reference Number. What do I do?

If you don’t know your TRN, you can contact the teacher qualifications helpdesk to request your number on 0207 593 5394.  You will need to provide your full name, date of birth and national insurance number.

I trained overseas – do I need to complete my induction?

Please follow this link for advice:

I trained in Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland – do I need to complete my induction?

Please follow this link for advice:

I have QTLS, do I need to complete my induction?

No. If you have been awarded QTLS by the Institute for Learning (IfL) and are members of the IfL you are exempt from induction. Please follow this link for advice:

I have Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS), can I do induction?

No.  If you have EYTS you are not eligible for induction

What is the minimum period of continuous employment that can count towards induction?

Only full terms completed will count towards your induction.

What if I am off sick?

If you have been off absent for more than 30 days in each year of induction, your induction period will automatically be extended by the number of days absent.

Can an ECT serve their induction in an age group and subject they have not trained in?

Yes.  When an ECT has gained their QTS, they can teach any age or subject. However, teaching outside the age range and subject for which they trained is not likely to be the best context for induction. An ECT in this situation is likely to need additional support to meet the Teachers’ Standards.

Can an ECT do induction as a supply teacher?

Yes, as long as the contract is for at least one term (or more).  Any full term completed (on a full-time contract) will count towards your induction.  You do not have to serve all terms of your induction in the same school.

What if I leave my post during my induction?

Only full terms completed (on a full-time contract) will count towards your induction.  You do not have to serve all terms of your induction in the same school.  If you leave mid-term, your school should complete an interim assessment.

What happens if I take Maternity Leave during my induction?

If you take Maternity Leave during your induction, you can choose whether or not to extend induction by a period equivalent to the statutory maternity leave. Any outstanding assessments should not be made until you return to work and have had the opportunity to decide whether to extend induction. Any extension request must be granted.  If you decide not to extend your induction, your performance will still be assessed against the Teachers’ Standards.   You should seek advice you’re your headteacher/principal, induction tutor or an appropriate teacher union before making this decision.

Who makes the final decision as to whether I have met the Standards and should pass my induction?

Your school can recommend that you have met the Standards, but the Appropriate Body (NTA) Panel has the final say as to whether or not you have passed your induction.

What happens if I fail induction?

If your Head and Appropriate Body do not think that you have successfully met the Teachers’ Standards, you will fail your induction and will not be allowed to teach in a maintained school or non-maintained special school in England.  You can appeal against the decision to the Teaching Regulation Agency within 20 working days, after which the right of appeal expires except in exceptional circumstances.

If you are deregistered you would only be able to teach in an independent school or work as a private tutor but your qualified teacher status is not taken away.

What happens if I have concerns about my Induction?

You should first talk through any issues with your Induction Tutor or Headteacher. If you feel that you cannot talk to any of these, contact Viv Merkelt at the NTA office on 01761 231818.  It is better to deal with any situation sooner rather than later, and before any problem escalates.