Core Support Package

The scheme gives schools and trusts a robust structure for ECT Induction, ensuring that induction tutors have a structured process with sufficient support to make judgements and give feedback, and that ECTs know clearly what is expected of them and how they are measuring up during their induction period. The school or academy are expected to make the decision whether the ECT meets the Teachers’ Standards and therefore passes their induction.

The Package
  • There is an advice line and dedicated email address for schools and academies requiring support.
  • There is a technical support hotline and online helpdesk.
  • There is a team of Quality Assurance Officers (QAOs), who will support schools and academies and their Induction Leads and Induction Tutors.
  • QAOs will visit schools and academies as necessary for monitoring and support. 40% of schools will be visited routinely each year.
  • Training for Induction Leads is provided as part of the scheme. We can offer bespoke training to MATs registered with NTA.
  • A full range of supporting documentation is available on-line.
  • A series of training videos is available on-line.
The scheme is underpinned by an on-line recording and reporting system – ECT Manager. Schools and academies will submit termly reports using this system.
The system will allow
  • ECTs to see what their tutor has written
  • Tutors to see the records and previous assessments of the ECT assigned to them
  • Induction Leads and Heads to see what the Induction Tutors have written
  • Secure online submission of assessments
  • Quick and easy access to information such as when the next assessment is due
  • Email reminders when assessments are due for completion
  • Secure system so that all of your data is safe

The Appropriate Body will have access to the necessary evidence to support the decision made by the school or academy. This places the decisions on performance where it should be – in the school or academy. It provides the structure and the support to ensure processes are high quality, clear and fair. We believe this meets our goal of ensuring ECTs are performing at the required level and avoid the situation in which ECTs of dubious quality are being passed via a weak and under-demanding process.


Thank you for sending though these resources. I have now had time to review them all – they are very helpful and it is refreshing to see ECT induction and assessment being taken so seriously.

Anne Macdonald – Assistant Head
Queen Elizabeth’s Boys School, Barnet