Richard Burrows - Healing School and Science Academy

I have worked with your company now for three years and the only suggestion I have is that you do not change the support service you provide. Helen is always at the end of the phone or replies to emails promptly. I have dealt with Brad over the past two weeks and again whatever has been promised has been delivered. As long as this type of service is provided I will certainly keep my business with you company.

I would like to thank Helen for her communication and support in exploring where we can take the NQT process at Healing School. Her knowledge and links have been outstanding – thank you.

Ian Fidler Training Manager - The West Bridgford School, Nottingham

The level and speed of support has been exceptional. The training offered is flexible and of high quality and the resources that are provided have made the administration of the process far more incisive and streamlined. Highly recommended.

Donna MacDonald Assistant Principal - Ormiston Maritime Academy

A great start for our NQTs this term and this is partly due to the systems and support we have received from NTA (formerly NIPT). Our NQTs all have differing strengths and needs and the personalised support we have received from NTA has ensured that these needs are met.

The support we received started with the materials that were available as soon as we had registered and logged on to their online system. These materials supported not only the NQTs but also their tutors and the NQT coordinator. It certainly made my job, as the coordinator, so much easier, especially as this was a new role for me.

A coordinators’ training day, early on in the term, was timed perfectly so that an opportunity to discuss any concerns with the programme, the systems or the paperwork happened after being given time to go through the online resources but also early enough for key actions to take place so that the programme ran smoothly.

Newsletters, emails and one to one discussions have ensured that we have been fully informed of the processes, deadlines and options available to us to ensure that we have supported our NQTs fully and enabled them to progress and develop as individuals.

It has been a pleasure working with this scheme and I am sure that success will continue for it and for our NQTs.

Lindsay Kings Induction Coordinator - Torquay Boys Grammar School

Thank you very much for the Quality Assurance visit. I am very pleased that we made the decision to move to NTA (formerly NIPT), we feel far better supported in every way. Your visit was really helpful and it was a pleasure to meet a person who so clearly knew exactly what she was talking about.

Deborah Barakat ITT Coordinator - Excelsior Academy

I have found the paperwork and notes very beneficial and feel the NQTs are well supported and ‘secure’.


The QA visit for our school was an invaluable experience in our first year with NTA (formerly NIPT). The clarification it gave us in terms of the quality of what our school delivers and also the feedback in terms of our grading of the assessments was incredibly useful. Having the opportunity to be given the guidance from the QA officer really supported the next round of assessments.

Hayley Marsh - Heron Hall Academy

NTA (formerly NIPT) is a professional service that is user friendly and meets the needs and demands of all users. Helen is always on hand and is friendly, supportive and helpful. I always discuss the easy nature of the ICT with our Tutors and NQTs and say how great Helen is at responding to any questions or queries.

NTA is a much better provider than our previous provider; it very much feels like a partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for our NQTs. I recommend NTA highly and really enjoy working with you.


As a member of staff new to the role and responsible for co-ordinating NQT provision, the support and guidance received has been excellent. We have encountered difficult situations with members of staff that were not meeting our expectations, we were supported throughout with a clear direction for the provision.

Our QA inspector was approachable and fair, we are extremely pleased with the service provided.

Anne Macdonald Assistant Head - Queen Elizabeth's Boys School, Barnet

Thank you for sending though these resources. I have now had time to review them all – they are very helpful and it is refreshing to see NQT induction and assessment being taken so seriously.