Strengthening Qualified Teacher Status and improving career progression for teachers

Feb 2018

You will be aware I am sure that last Christmas the DfE launched their consultation on Strengthening Qualified Teacher Status and improving career progression for teachers.  NTA, as a key player in this market, was keen to contribute to this important national debate and has given careful consideration to the various questions that the consultation document poses. In arriving at our final consultation response, we have had detailed discussions with the NTA Board, the Appropriate Body Panel Members, the NTA Operational Team and importantly have also consulted NTA registered schools and MATs. The final response which was submitted to the DfE on Friday 9th March, represents our collective thoughts on this important topic and can be viewed here. May I take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped us in producing this response – we were delighted that over a third of NTA registered schools responded using the SurveyMonkey questionnaire.

We have suggested to the Department that we should be part of the ongoing process from here-on-in and we will keep you updated in relation to any role we may have the opportunity to play in this. In the meantime, should you not have managed to have your say so far through the surveymonkey route, we are happy to receive any further feedback on the response we have provided, and we will seek to feed any new comments/suggestions received into these ongoing discussions, should the opportunity arise.  Please send any feedback to Helen Dowling (

We look forward to receiving any further feedback from you and as ever should you have any questions in relation to this, please do not hesitate to come back to Helen in the first instance.