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In the light of the recent DfE reforms to Appropriate Body services, we can confirm that we will not be able to take any new ECT registrations after September 2023, and NTA will cease operating in August 2024.
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Latest News
NTA (formerly NIPT) was originally set up in 2013 at the request of the DfE, to provide a sector-led alternative to Local Authority ECT accreditation services
The organisation has seen significant year on year growth and is now the largest national Appropriate Body providing its service to schools and trusts of all types and phases including a number of international school and a growing number of MATs.
As an established high-quality provider of this important service, we are the “go-to” organisation, setting the standard and demonstrating good practice for the induction, assessment and accreditation of ECTs.
What sets us apart from other providers?
  • NTA was set up specifically to offer this as a dedicated service.
  • Our robust induction process is largely delivered online supplemented by telephone support and personalised customer service.
  • The service is provided at a capped inclusive cost with no add-ons, giving schools and trusts cost certainty.
  • Our online approach minimises the disruption to pupil’s learning and associated hidden costs caused by staff being out of school.
  • Our service also offers flexibility and can be tailored to meet in-house needs such as different term structures.
  • Feedback is provided on all assessments by our experienced quality assurance team.
  • We offer prompt specialist support, advice and training.
What we believe?
  • The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers.
  • Parents and carers trust teachers with the education and safety of their children.
  • Teachers have the ability to make a huge difference to society by ensuring all children, regardless of socio-economic background or perceived ability, reach their academic and personal potential. Teachers change lives.
  • We believe in the value and potential of teachers, and in the power of professional learning throughout a whole career but particularly in the induction period and the early career years.
Adding value

We are pleased to be able to confirm our prices effective from the new academic year commencing September 2021:

The new pricing structure now has to factor in the move from the one-year induction to the two-year induction effective from September with the various changes that this involves, together with the ‘Fidelity Checking’ of your Early Career Framework (ECF) curriculum where applicable.


Base cost – £417 per Early Career Teacher (ECT) for the full 2 year induction period.

This is applicable to all schools and trusts opting for the Full Induction Programme working closely with one of the Lead Providers, where no additional element of Fidelity Checking against the ECF is required.


Supplement to reflect the additional workload of ECF Fidelity Checking – £30 per ECT.

This supplement will be chargeable over and above the base cost where schools and trusts have opted for the Core Induction Programme or the School Based Induction Programme, bringing the full charge per ECT to £447.


We are able to charge per term for ECTs who are part way through their induction or on a short term contract.