Customer Satisfaction Survey

Sep 2017

As a demonstration of our commitment to continuous improvement, in 2017 NTA circulated its first Customer Satisfaction Survey to all registered schools and MATs. We were very pleased both with the response rate and indeed the level of satisfaction reflected in the responses with 72% of respondents rating the NTA service as either outstanding or good and no respondents rating it as unsatisfactory under any of the 16 questions asked. We have pleasure in sharing with you the summary results and a selection of the additional comments made. Where questions/comments about potential further improvements have been asked we have considered each suggestion and have responded to each point in turn – Customer Survey Results.

 We plan to circulate this questionnaire on a regular basis so that we can track the trajectory of how our registered schools and MATs are feeling about our service and also importantly so we can use your feedback in our future planning and development process and continue to further improve the robustness of our systems and our customer service levels.

 In keeping with our open culture and our mode of operation, this will continue to be a transparent process so that we can share this information with you. We would like to take the opportunity to thank those of you who participated in the survey for assisting us in this way. We hope that you will continue to use this formal opportunity to provide us with your views as well as continuing to give us any other feedback throughout the year which we welcome and find extremely useful.