Oak National Academy

Jun 2020

Oak National Academy has announced plans to remain open throughout 2020/21 as a resource to support contingency planning for any school that might want to use it. Despite the intention for all pupils to return to school, there remains the potential for that remote education may continue to be necessary through next academic year. The plan is to:

  • develop a broad, flexible curriculum map for Reception to Year 11 that covers the most popular topics and gives schools choice on how to order lessons, ready in early July
  • create most lessons in the curriculum map (up to 10,000) and make these lessons available before September
  • offer a wider range of specialist resources and activities with guidance on how best to use them
  • make it easier to integrate Oak into school’s existing learning management system

More information can be found on the Oak National Academy website, including a series of webinars, a blog and a survey for school leaders and teachers asking what further improvements Oak should consider.