Early Career Framework – core induction programme

Sep 2020

You may be interested in this excerpt from the recent communication to schools from Leora Cruddas, CEO of our parent organisation, CST:

The core induction programme includes high-quality development materials, underpinned by the Early Career Framework (ECF), which will support early career teachers to develop the knowledge and skills they need. Use the core induction programmes in a way that best suits you and your early career teachers.

Four organisations have been commissioned to develop the development materials, including our strategic partner, Ambition Institute. Their programme can be found here.  The programme takes a recurring weekly approach to study and coaching, so teachers and the mentors supporting them can get into powerful routines for improvement. Each week includes:

  • Concise, accessible summaries of the evidence, with optional further reading, so teachers can gain understanding quickly.
  • Short videos of experts talking through the most important insights and showing what they look like in practice.
  • Mentor sessions that link closely with the summaries and videos and provide support so they can conduct effective instructional coaching.

We would also commend to you this excellent handbook for teacher educators, published by Ambition Institute, The Learning Curriculum Version 2.0, which sets out how to plan and deliver training to teachers on the science of learning.