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Dec 2020
A-levels and GCSEs in England are due to go ahead next summer, with the exam season starting three weeks later than usual. Plans for how to manage them in a pandemic are expected to be published later this week. Read more ...

The "invisibility of vulnerable children" during the pandemic should be a "matter of national concern," says England's chief inspector of schools.  Read more here.

Nov 2020
There has been a huge rise in the number of children removed from school to be home educated, with many parents saying they were driven by Covid fears.  Read more here.

Nov 2020
An article by Martin Shevill, Senior Education Adviser, National Teacher Accreditation (NTA) and Leila MacTavish, Head of Ark Teacher Training. For trainee and early careers teachers, COVID-19 had the potential to completely upend their budding ...

Government-backed projects tackling bullying of LGBT students in England's schools have had their funding pulled, the BBC has learned. The decision came despite an earlier pledge to continue investing in school programmes ...

Nov 2020
The coronavirus pandemic could be fuelling an increase in the number of children moving out of full-time schooling, town hall bosses warn. The Local Government Association says some areas have seen significant rises in ...

Nov 2020
The pandemic has seen most children in England slipping back with their learning - and some have gone significantly back with their social skills, says Ofsted.  Read more here.

The government is to spend more than £400m to support poor children and their families in England, following a campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford.  Read more here.

Nov 2020
Disadvantaged pupils in England could begin focused tuition as early as next week, as booking opens for the new National Tutoring Programme.  Read more here.

Mayors of some of the areas hardest-hit by Covid-19 have called for England's schools and colleges to close during the lockdown.  Read more here.